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Rules - General Information

Baseball Showcase America, LLC gives high school kids from across the country a venue to showcase their skills and test themselves against teams from far and wide. Our main goals are education, exposure to colleges, and giving back to the community. We achieve this by providing exposure to college and MLB scouts at our events. While no one can guarantee kids will get offered a college scholarship or be taken in the MLB draft, we do guarantee they will be seen by college and/or MLB scouts at the 18u-16u levels.

Names you might recognize from past events are:

Nate Baez - ASU

Jose Dicochea Jr. - U of A  (8th Round 2019)

Joey Cammarata - New Mexico State

Enrique Romero - Central AZ 

Clark Candiotti - Saint Mary's 

Kyle Kloeppel - University of Portland

Noah Burgarello - Utah 

Nolan Gorman- 1st Round Pick 2018 MLB Draft

Johnny Ornelas - 3rd Round Pick 2018 MLB Draft

Trent Clark - 14th overall pick 2015 MLB draft

Jake Simon- Rice University/ 11th round Mets-2015 MLB Draft

Mark Knott- Phoenix College 2015

Zayne Mowen- Briar Cliff University 2015

Jeremy Griffith- Metro State University 2016

Emilio Griego- Presentation College 2014

Phillip Griego-Friends University 2016


Pitching Rules:

9u-18u 2 day tournament 7 innings total

9u-18u 3 day tournament 8 innings total

9u-18u 4 day tournament 9 innings total

1. Umpires keep track of innings pitched on the official scorecard during the course of the game. Coaches verify and sign the score card at the end of the game.  To file a complaint a coach must bring evidence of the player in question to a Baseball Showcase staff member. If a player is in violation of the innings pitch rule and the opposing coach has filed a complaint, the player in violation will have to be replaced on the mound.

2. Modified HS rules. 10 hitters allowed in line up. EH and DH (If you would like to bat more players, it must be approved between both coaches before start of game). Team rosters need to be set before the start of tournament play. Players cannot be added to a roster after the start of a tournament.

3. Pinch Runners (If team has no-subs, pinch runner must be last batted out.) If last batted is out is pitcher or catcher, it goes to 2nd to last batted out.

4.  18u-14u wood or drop 3 BBCOR. 13u-9u big barrel bats 2 3/4 and under are allowed. Any weight/length combination can be used in tournament play.

5. Game balls provided.

6. All teams will be expected to start play the first day of tournament. (If your team has a special request, please let us know at least one month prior to start of tournament.)

7. Please provide names for all coaches (3 coach limit per team).

8. If you team requires a hotel please contact  

9. Team playoff ranking head to head / Wins / Losses / Runs Against / Runs Scored/Average Run Differential *HTH All Play - Only rank teams if all tied teams have played all other tied teams.

"Head-To-Head" Definition

The Head-To-Head Tie Breaker ranks teams by the number of wins against each team involved in the tie.  To calculate the Head-To-Head Tie Breaker, list the teams who are tied, then total the number of wins each team has against each team involved in the tie.  The team that has beaten the other teams involved in the tie the most is the winner.  If the tied teams played each other more than one time then the team that has won more games against the other tied teams wins.  



If two teams who are tied have not played each other but the Head-To-Head win loss records indicate a hierarchy with a "Dominant Team", then the dominant team wins the Head-To-Head Tie Breaker.  (Example: Team A has beaten Team B in calculating the Head-To-Head Tie Breaker.  Team C is also tied with A and B.  If A has beaten C then A wins the tie breaker.  If A has not played C but B has beaten C then A wins the tie breaker.)  




In the above Dominant Team scenario, if A has not played C and C has beaten B then the Head-To-Head calculation can not be used.   Also, if the tie breaker does not resolve the tie, then the next tie breaker in the Tie Breaker Order section list is used.  If this is the last tie breaker in the list then the teams remain tied. 

10. 18u-13u All pool games. No new inning will be started after 1hr 50min.

12u-9u Pool games. No new inning will be started after 1hr 35min.

11. Playoff games (After 1hr 50min time limit (18u-13u); 1hr 35min (12u-9u) games will go to California tie breaker format.)

12. Run rule: 15 runs after 3 innings / 10 runs after 4 innings/8 runs after 5 innings

13. Injury withdrawal: If a team is batting their full roster (10 or more players) and an injury occurs that removes a player from the game the teams line up will be condensed without penalty. If at any point the team’s roster drops below 9 players, an out will be incurred for the missing player.

14. Age cutoff: May 1st of the current grad year and see grade age exceptions. 7th grade -13u ; 8th-14u ; 9th-15u ; 10th-16u ; 11th-17u;12th-18u

15. Dugouts - First come, first serve. 

16. Inclement weather - In the case of inclement weather. over half of the game needs to be played to be considered a completed game for scoring purposes. So for 1hr 50min game. (56 minutes) and 1hr 35min(48mins). 

17. Game Guarantees are either 3 or 4 depending on the event.   Game guarantees can be reduced in events of inclement weather. There is no refund for a reduced amount of games in tournament for inclement weather or other acts of god.  

18. Metal Spikes - Are allowed, except at Red Mountain Softball Complex.

19. Fan Limits: Email for information on each park.

20. Hotels: Stay and Play

What to Expect

1. Photos of live game play will be available online at or can be seen on our social media outlets

2. Live scouting reports with pitching velocities, pop times, times to first, and live game action will be available through the Baseball Showcase instagram, twitter, and facebook page.

3. Schedule will be available 4-5 days before tournament start date.

4. Gate admission, cash only: (18+ $8) (13-17 $4) (12 & Under Free). Players and up to 2 coaches will have free entry.

5. Bring plenty of water for players and anyone attending. Water jugs will not be in the dugouts. Snacks and coolers are allowed. Most fields have snack bars available as well.

Refund Policy

Baseball Showcase does not offer refunds on rainouts or cancelled teams in a tournament. 

Rain Out or Unpreventable occurrence Policy:

No games played. Baseball Showcase will keep 10% of team fee to cover administration costs. The remaining balance can be applied as a credit to a future Baseball Showcase tournament.  Credit is valid up to one year from the rain out date. 

1 game played:  A 50% credit will be given to a future Baseball Showcase tournament. Credit is valid up to one year from the rain out  or unpreventable occurrence date. 

2 or more games played.  No credit given.

Teams cancelling 15 or more days prior to tournament can receive a credit for a future tournament of equal or lesser value and are subject to a $25 change fee. Teams cancelling within 14 days of a tournament forfeit teams complete tournament fee, with no credit given.

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