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Top Moments from Mr. October 2019

PCA Team with 2 standout performances!

Kody Kmetko with PCA

@kkmetko crushes a double off the wall. #baseballshowcase

Josh Henig with PCA gets the game winning run @joshhenig_

Another honorable mention is for the PCA coaches. Every guy on the PCA 18u from last year is now off to play college ball. This year looks like a great recruiting team too. Shout out to the coaches, parents and players for taking it to the next level!

Impressive athlete

Lobos Danny Noli is a 2021 Chandler HS grad, 6'0 175lb running it up to 84mph on the fastball with more in the tank! He is a dual athlete that is a QB on a nationally ranked HS team. The scouting perspective say he is raw talent on the mound with good potential to be at the next level, he is a true two way athlete. @noli.danny4

Outstanding offense and defense!

Baseball Showcase wanted to recognize outstanding hitter AND pitcher Carson Stoller who was a homerun shy of the cycle. He is a left handed hitter you can guarantee will get on base! Also, the next day he struck out the side!

Sportsmanship Winners

The team from Sonora, Mexico had a chance to tie in bottom half of the inning and just fell shy of the championship. But in the end, after a competitive game, both teams came together and took a photo in unity. THIS is what baseball is all about. #Respect the game. THIS is what it is all about. #TeamMexico #TeamUSA. Proud of both of these teams, their coaches and outstanding parenting.

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