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Nieman displays power in 14U all-star game

Caleb Nieman is a 14-year-old freshman at Sandra Day O’Connor High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Nieman was selected to the West team of the 14U Baseball Showcase all-star game which occurred on Jun. 8 in Chandler, Arizona. Nieman, who plays for the Arizona Grizzlies, was a huge part of the West team’s victory over the East team with a 2-RBI triple early in the game.

“It felt good,” Nieman said. “It felt clutch.”

Nieman said he has been working hard not to pull the ball and hopes to become a huge power-hitter down the line. He displayed his power in the all-star game with a foul ball that was hit over 350 feet and would have been a home run if it had been fair. Outside of baseball, he enjoys hanging out with his friends. His goal in life is to become a professional baseball player.  

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